Staffordshire Bullterrier

Karuscha Kennels-Staffordshire bullterrier

The stafford was originally bred to bait bulls, dog-fighting and for ratting but in the 21st century they are an affectionate and loyal family pet that is not a natural guard dog but sure to be trustworthy. The stafford is known to be very affectionate with all people but especially children.He is an intelligent,bold and fearless friend with lots of courage and reliability.

The stafford can live in harmony with other staffords as well as other breeds. They are too friendly to make a natural guard dog but will naturally protect there family.They can reach an age between 10-11 years and there average weight is between 12-17kg. Staffies are known to be very healthy dogs with an easy coat to maintain, seldom bark and are rarely ill.

This is your loyal, loveable and courageous friend.
We as breeders strive to provide each and every staffie lover with the perfect friend for life.

Karuscha Kennels-Staffordshire bullterrier
Staffie Breaders

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